Assessment 3 Portfolio of Materials

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Assessment 3 Portfolio of Materials and Team Charter

Task Description:

This is a group assignment that builds on the work completed in Assessment 2. It allows your group/team to showcase the business idea identified by the group as the “best one” during workshops earlier in the unit. The objective of Assessment 3 is to hone student’s business concept development and presentation skills, including what it takes to explain and pitch an idea for a new business venture. It will allow students to appreciate that potential investors take the investment process seriously and will not commit to a project without first scrutinising it carefully.

While working on Assessment 2, your group/team should have identified an innovative business idea that has the best chance of securing a high proportion of a potential investment, to a maximum of $100,000. Your group/team will be required to present (pitch) the business idea using PowerPoint or similar. All members of the group must take part in the presentation.


In summary, there are two parts to Assessment 3:

The pitch requires everyone in the team to present the idea and sell the proposed business venture to an ‘investor’. The other involves the group/team providing a portfolio of materials (three items) that supports the pitch.

So, first The Pitch 

Secondly, this assignment involves the Portfolio of Materials and Team Charter

The group/team must submit ANY three of the following as part of a portfolio of materials in support of the business idea pitched by the group/team:

  1. Description and justification of the innovation process used.
    2. Cash flow projections and Income Statement for the first two years.
    3. Short video or animated PowerPoint that explains and sells the business idea to potential investors and customers
    4. A draft website (maximum six pages) that explains and sells the business idea to potential investors and customers.
    5. An example of a blog or newsletter or similar communication that explains and sell the business idea to potential investors and customers
    6. A 2-page plan/outline that explains how social media will be used
    7. A related application software
    8. A short brochure in pdf
    9. A prototype of the product
    10. A schematic or simulation of the planned service offering
    11. Any other item/aspect that demonstrates a key aspect of the product/service you want to develop and which will persuade investors to fund your project.


The group/team leader is required to upload materials to the Moodle site.  Make sure you include the Powerpoint of your group presentation is included in the upload.  Note a maximum of six items can be uploaded.  Assessment 3 Portfolio of Materials

Assessment Criteria/Rubric:

The Pitch and Portfolio of Materials will be jointly assessed by the ‘investor’ and your lecturer. The ‘investor’ will provide a notional investment out of a maximum $100,000 assigned to the following aspects. Your lecturer/marker/unit coordinator will evaluate your pitch on the same aspects as follows:

  1. The 2-minute pitch or idea is effectively communicated by the presenters. ($5k/5%).
    2. The benefits and significance of the generated idea/solution/are logically and persuasively argued by the whole team. ($10k / 10%).
    3. The innovation and/or business opportunity are explained in such a way that the investor understands: how the idea is monetised; financial feasibility; operational feasibility; the scope and scalability of the idea for commercialisation. ($15k / 15%).
    4. What you are seeking from the investor. ($5k / 5%).
    5. What you are offering in return. ($5k / 5%).
    6. The way in which the ideas are structured for the presentation are logical, robust, and persuasive. ($5k / 5%).
    7. The portfolio of materials is relevant and impressive. ($25k / 25%).
    8. Creativity and flair, and an assuring level of commercial acumen was demonstrated effectively by all members of the team. ($10k / 10%).
    9. Everyone has the opportunity to present ‘equally’. ($10k / 10%).
    10. Presentation by the group/team exhibited confidence, was engaging, and answered the investor’s questions ($10k / 10%).


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