Assessment BSBMKG417: Marketing Communication

Assessment BSBMKG417: Marketing Communication

Apply Marketing Communication Across a Convergent Industry

Assessment Information

Welcome to your Student Assessment Workbook for BSBMKG417 Apply Marketing Communication Across a Convergent Industry.

This Student Assessment Workbook is where you will write all your responses for the knowledge questions and simulation tasks. Please refer to the Student Assessment Guide for more information.

This assessment has the following Assessment Event:

Assessment Event- Simulation Crystal Apple

You will complete a number of tasks associated with constructing and applying convergent marketing communication solutions in accordance to client requirements as specified. Assessment BSBMKG417

This assessment centres on the Crystal Apple case study, an Australian jewellery brand with nationwide retail stores. You will act in the capacity of a Brand Strategist to further enhance the branding of Crystal Apple in line with the company’s business needs.

To complete the Simulation, you will need to refer to the following resources:

Policy and Procedure Template: Word template which you will use in Task 2.2 to write policy and procedures that support the implementation of convergent tools and techniques.


Performance Data: Once you implement your convergent tools and techniques in Task 2.3, your Assessor will check your work and provide you the outcome of your solutions. Based on this data, you will make the necessary changes.

Please note that your responses for both assessment events can (where appropriate) use dot point format. See below an example of a dot point response and a full sentence response.

Dot point format Presentation Plan includes the following:

·         outcomes

·         needs of the audience

·         context.

Full sentence format When you are preparing for a presentation, there are a number of tasks that must be carried out. These are listing the outcomes that you want to achieve, followed by the identification of the needs of your audience. When you have completed these two tasks you then check on the room that you will be conducting the presentation in.

To Achieve Competence

To be deemed competent for this unit, you will need to meet the following requirements:

  • complete all of the questions and tasks listed in the Student Assessment Workbook
  • meet all the requirements listed in this Student Assessment Guide
  • your responses to the questions and tasks must be relevant, accurate and specific
  • submit your completed Student Assessment Workbook to your Assessor within the set timeframes
  • your work must be in your own words
  • where you use an external source of information, you must provide citation.

Pre-assessment Checklist

Your assessor will go through the assessment for this unit, BSBMKG417 Apply Marketing Communication Across a Convergent Industry. It is important that you understand this assessment before taking on the questions and tasks. To confirm that you have been given this overview, we ask you to complete the following Pre-Assessment Checklist.

You are required to carefully read each checklist item provided below and tick either ‘Y’ to confirm your understanding or ‘N’ if you disagree. In case you disagree with an item, please provide your reason under the ‘Comments’ column.

When you have done this, we ask you to sign this Pre-Assessment Checklist. This acknowledges that your Trainer/Assessor has discussed all of the information with you prior to undertaking this assessment.

Assessment Event: Crystal Apple Simulation

You will participate in a simulation centred on a contemporary jewellery chain, Crystal Apple. As the Brand Strategist, you will be responsible for establishing divergent marketing communication solutions within the convergent environment.

Task 1: Identify the Convergent Environment

In this task, you will review Crystal Apple’s requirements and set the groundwork for your convergent environment.

1.1 Review and identify the role of the traditional siloed sectors to client requirements

Insert your responses here:

1.2 Identify the potential points of integration to unify across an integrated offering 

Insert your Brand Interaction Points (BIP) with metrics into the table:

BIP Interaction Metric  
Email marketing    
Social media    
E-commerce site    
Public relations    
Print Media    
Mobile App    

Insert your potential points of integration:

1.3 Establish the roles of the customer within the convergent environment

Insert your customer drivers and descriptions into the table:

Driver Reason for Shift

List your strategies here: 

1.4 Confirm and ensure that messages can be unified across an integrated offering

Insert your responses here:

1.5 Identify relevant and current legislation, regulations and policies

Insert your responses into the table:

Legal Requirement Summary of Key Provisions

Task 2: Prepare and Apply Convergent Marketing Communications

In this task, you are required to identify, evaluate, select, and create convergent tools and techniques in line with Crystal Apple’s organisational goals.

2.1 Identify and evaluate tools and techniques from traditional sectors to the IMC space

Insert your responses into the table:

Tools and techniques Evaluation

2.2 Write organisational policy and procedures for the convergent tools and techniques

Insert your responses into the ‘Policy and Procedures Template’ – see separate attachment.

Attach your completed version to your Student Assessment Workbook.

2.3 Create the convergent tools and techniques

Insert your evidence of creations in accordance to your Assessor’s instructions.

 2.4 Review and confirm the fit-for-purpose and cost effectiveness of tools and techniques

Insert your responses here:

Task 3: Engage with Experts and Maintain Relationship 

In this task, you will hold a meeting with an industry expert to gain feedback on your convergent tools and techniques created in Task 2.

3.1 Identify sector and technology specific experts 

Insert your responses into the table:

Specialist How can assist

3.2 Establish and maintain expert and business networks

Insert your networks and descriptions into the table:

Expert and Business Networks Description

Insert your screenshots here:

 3.3 Engage the use of sector and technology specific expert

No attachment required. Please refer to your Student Assessment Guide for the instructions.

3.4 Improve convergent tools and techniques in consultation with the expert

Make the necessary adjustments to convergent tools and techniques in light of the feedback collected.

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