Assessment Task 2 – Almarai Report

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Assessment Task 2 – Almarai Report

Assessment Task: 2: Group written Report (20 marks)

Conduct a marketing environment/activities review of Almarai that has a market presence in the UAE with regard to the market performance of its key brand (i.e., a key product offered by the company. This assignment provides you with an opportunity to research and prepare a marketing analysis of a brand, placing it within a particular company or business and its portfolio of products as well as the market place. Your team is not expected to develop a marketing strategy or produce a marketing plan for the brand you choose to examine.


Your team will work together to research and address the following issues: (4 marks each part)

Introduction about Almarai Company

PART A Competitive Review: From what you can observe, who are the direct competitors of the company’s SBU and what are their competitive positions? What is your assessment of the main competitive advantages that each has over the other? Construct a positioning map of the company’s key brand against its competitors. On what attributes/features are they competing? How does the company appear to position itself towards its target markets? How does the target market perceive the brand with respect to its competition? Construct a perceptual map. Critically analyse your findings. Assessment Task 2 – Almarai Report

PART B Customer Review: What information does the company need to know about its customers and why? Describe the consumer decision making process for the markets and segments that the company operates in? Give examples of how your company and competitors addresses the specific levels of the process. Do consumers show loyalty or do consumers regularly switch? Why? Describe key market segments that the company serves for the product you chose (target markets). Critically analyse your findings.

PART C Review of Products and Services: Explain the company’s product or service mix. Are there different brands for different target markets? Explain. Is the company’s product, brand and/or service offering and strategies different to its competitors? What if any new products/services has the company introduced recently (in the last five years) or is about to introduce? How would you describe the new product strategies (i.e. new to the world, line extensions, category development, repositioning, etc?). How do these fit with the market needs (i.e. segments and preferences) and competitive environment? Critically analyse your findings.


PART D Review of Prices: What do you think are the pricing objectives of the company? Is the industry predominantly characterised by price competition or other forms of competition? Is the product demand elastic or inelastic? What do you think is the strategy utilised by the company to achieve its objectives? How are the products priced relative to competitors? What key factors influence the pricing decisions and strategies of the company? Critically analyse your findings.

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