Assessment Task 3 – HRM Portfolio

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Assessment Task 3 – HRM Portfolio


The North West Regional Hospital (NWRH) is a purpose built, 180-bed inpatient facility and the largest regional hospital in the state. NWRH also has 15 outreach sites located throughout tropical, northern Australia, each of which employs approximately 17 individuals. In total, NWRH currently employs 700 people, including administrators, nurses, allied health staff and doctors.

NRWH is undergoing an expansion and will be recruiting additional administration, nursing and medical staff.


The portfolio requires you to complete the following tasks:

1. Short Essay on the:

  1. Key features of good quality job descriptions, and
  2. Different ways in which job descriptions can be

(For the short essay a maximum of 350 words. Whilst it may include the use of dot points the essay should have an introduction, body of discussion, and concluding comments). For the short essay provide a list of references, using the APA Referencing style).

2. Prepare one job descriptions for the following position:

  • Community Health Registered Nurse, based in one of the outreach sites

A sample job description and job description template can be accessed from the Assessment folder on LearnJCU.

3. Establish key selection criteria for the position in terms of qualifications, experience, skills/abilities, personal qualities and any special

4. Design a recruitment advertisement for online Develop an advertisement to be used for online recruiting for the position description.

5. Outline the assessment/evaluation method(s) you will use to support the selection process to the advertised You may wish to use a rubric.

6. Prepare behavioural interview questions for the advertised position based on the selection criteria and the qualifications.

7. Identify interview panel members and explain why each should be part of the

8. Induction and Orientation. Prepare an induction and checklist. Identify any additional factors should an international candidate be selected.

9. HR Audit Process. Develop a checklist that assesses the effectiveness of the recruitment and selection activities.

(For tasks 2 to 9 provide a List of Sources, this could include journal articles and internet sites). Assessment Task 3 – HRM Portfolio

The portfolio represents 50% of the assessment for this subject. Marks for each task will be allocated as follows:

Task 1 30%

  • Short essay

Tasks 2, 3, and 4 20%

  • Job description
  • Develop Key selection criteria for the job descriptions
  • Recruitment advertisement for online use

Tasks 5, 6 and 7 25%

  • Assessment/evaluation method (s)
  • Prepare behavioural interview questions
  • Identify interview panel members

Tasks 8 and 9 25%

  • Induction and Orientation
  • HR Audit Process


Portfolio assignment details will be discussed at the tutorials.

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