Assessment Task Policy

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Assessment Task Policy


The purpose is to consolidate your learnings during the semester and develop a HRM policy that can be used in the workplace. You can choose an organisation in which you are currently working, were employed by or one you aspire to work for.

For this assignment you need to choose an organisation and develop a policy on one of the following topics for that organisation.

  • Recruitment and selection
  • Performance management

You will need to conduct a brief policy analysis which will underpin your policy.  You are expected to research widely to identify examples of relevant policies and journal articles. You need to use a minimum of 10 articles to support your policy. If you choose to base your policy on a preexisting one, you need to identify and reference this policy. Assessment Task Policy


Please ensure that you include all of the following elements

1. Policy analysis (500 words)

  • Internal and external issues analysis
  • High priority issues
  • Policy problem

2. Policy (1500 words)

  •  Overview
  • Scope
  • Policy Statement
  • Legislation
  • Process (1 page diagram or flowchart)
  • Accountabilities
  • Evaluation Measures
  • References
  • Appendices (optional)

Learning outcomes assessed:

  1. Identify the potential contribution of SHRM and HRM to an organisation’s performance and other stakeholder outcomes; (GA 5)
  2. Identify and evaluate a number of human resource management policies, such as recruitment and selection, performance management, remuneration, training and development. (GA 4, 5)



PFBS: This Unit requires you to use the  Harvard referencing system.

Please go through this link for the help .

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