Assignment 1 Case Study Analysis

Assignment 1 Case Study Analysis

Global Purchasing & Supply Chain Management

Assessment task details and instructions

Read the 2018 article on ‘Investigation of current perspectives for NHS Wales sustainable development through procurement policies’, published in Public Money & Procurement journal 38 (7), pp. 493-502, by Christos I. Papanagnou and Natalia Shchaveleva.

Then, you are required to produce a formal written assignment with analysis based on the case, by answering all the following three questions.

Question 1 (300 words).

  • Referring to the sec on ‘Sustainability policies within NWSSP’ on page 496 and Table 1 on page 497, discuss three sustainability key policies (objectives) according to their relevance.

Question 2 (350 words).

  • With regard to the level of awareness of public procurers and with the aid of Table 2 on page 498, discuss briefly the three most chosen answers (statements) according to the average score.

Question 3 (350 words).

  • Referring to the subsection on ‘Level of SME engagement in sustainable procurement’ on page 498 and Table 3 on page 499, discuss briefly what are the three SME sectors with the least awareness in supplying to NHS Wales, providing the main reasons for this.

The assignment must adhere to standard academic documentation standards:

  • Use appropriate citation and reference according to the Harvard Name Referencing System to avoid plagiarism.
  • Use font type Times New Roman or Calibri.
  • Use font size of 12 pts.
  • Use 1.5-line spacing.
  • Use sufficient level of your own words to convince that you understand what you are writing, and not just ‘copy and paste’.

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