Assignment 1- Engineering Project

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Assignment 1- Engineering Project MGT

Assignment 1- Construction and Infrastructure Management

1. From the references below, outline your understanding of the following terms:

  • Project Governance
  • Gate keeping
  • Stage Gate Approval
  • Front End Loading. 

(max 200 words)


2. Design-Build (Design and Construct), Design-Bid-Build (Design – Tender – Bid), EPCM are engineering project delivery methods (or contracting approaches).

  • By defining each of these ‘project delivery’ methods, and by examination of the Table in the reference by Aschman below, at what stage in the project would construction contractors become involved in the project process? (max 400 words)

3. Merrow EW on page 253 of his book (refer below) states that: ‘We tend to exaggerate the importance of the contracting approach to project success or failure.  No contracting approach guarantees success, most contracting approaches can succeed.  Contracting is a second-order concern’. Assignment 1- Engineering Project MGT

  • Discuss the meaning of this statement. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? (max 400 words)


Aschman A, ‘Establishing a Fit For Purpose Project System’, Independent Project Analysis Newsletter, Vol. 9, Issue 4, December 2017.

Merrow EW, Industrial Megaprojects, Concepts, Strategies and Practices for Success, Wiley, 2011.



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