Assignment 2: Ann Case Study

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Assignment 2: Ann Case Study

  1. What concepts of the theory make it the most appropriate for the client in the case study?

The client, Ann, in the case study is suffering from depression out of family, financial, and unemployment issues. The most appropriate theory that a counselor should use in treating Ann is Jungian therapy. Under Jungian model, an in-depth talk between a counselor and the client is enhanced and thus making it easy to bring together a client’s unconscious and conscious parts of mind to help her feel wholly balanced (Lynda, 2017). Currently, Ann’s mind and thoughts have been disturbed to an extend she feels hopeless and develops a negative personality. Jungian theory is more appropriate for a counselor to adopt when treating Ann to gain life balance and a feeling of hope and positivity.


  1. Why did you choose this theory over the others?
  2. What will be the goals of counseling and what intervention strategies are used to accomplish those goals?
  3. Is the theory designed for short- or long-term counseling?
  4. What will be the counselor’s role with this client?
  5. What is the client’s role in counseling?
  6. For what population(s) is this theory most appropriate? How does this theory address the social and cultural needs of the client?
  7. What additional information might be helpful to know about this case?
  8. What may be a risk in using this approach?

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