Assignment 2: Exercise Psychology

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Assignment 2: Exercise Psychology

Investigate and provide an essay that examines a potential influence that the social environment can have on the psychology of an individual (in regards to one of the concepts that we have discussed throughout the paper) within exercise/physical activity settings.


It is probably best to choose a context (e.g., youth, social, exercise) and specific aspect of the environment (e.g., coach, parent, significant other) from which you will approach the essay as this will help you research your topic.  The marker will be looking for you to (1) examine and discuss the specific quality or element that is being examined (e.g., motivation, mindset, self-esteem, anxiety, etc.), and (2) examine the potential influence of the social environment to illustrate how external influences can impact one’s psychological processes.

Please note that you are to select a different topic from the one that you examined in your first assignment.

As with the first assignment, please note that (1) you have a 2000 word limit, (2) you are expected to provide a number of supporting (scholarly) references to add weight to your argument, and (3) adhere to APA guidelines for referencing. Assignment 2: Exercise Psychology

Please submit Assignment Two here. Submit as a Microsoft Word file with your name embedded within the file as a header or footer.

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