Assignment 2- Qwelane Remarks

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Assignment 2- Qwelane Remarks

Question 1

Define these concepts in your own words (60 words)and (internet definitions not allowed)

  1. Communitarianism
  2. Ubuntu
  3. African humanism
  4. Distributive justice


Question 2

Using the same article (SEE BELOW), provide an  African  legal  philosophical perspective on Qwelane’s remarks.

For this question you will need to do more research to establish what the African approach is to homosexuality and to the question of LGBT marriage. ASSIGNMENT 2- Qwelane Remarks

In your answer you  must  address  the  following issues:

  1. Explain what African legal philosophy is in 300 words or less;
  2. Explain the African approach to homosexuality;
  3. Briefly indicate if you agree with this and why


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