Assignment 3: Learning Outcomes Project

Assignment 3: Learning Outcomes Project

Assignment 3: Learning Outcomes Project Components Revision and Organization

As you have moved through this course, you have been working on various sections of your Final Paper/Learning Outcomes Project for this program. Feedback from your Instructor and your peers should have been reviewed and sections revised as the course progressed. For this Assignment, you will organize Parts 2 through 4 for initial submission this week.

To prepare:

  • If you have not done so already, examine carefully any feedback from your Instructor for each part of the Learning Outcomes Project listed for this Assignment. Revise and edit as needed and make sure each element required has been addressed. Use the rubric for each assignment as a guide. Cite and reference using APA guidelines, adding new resources as needed.
  • As you organize and review these parts into one document, reflect on the topics and themes of your research and work and how you might introduce the content covered in Parts 2 through 4 for your readers.

Note that the Introduction and Part 1 of the Final Paper/Learning Outcomes Project will be completed during Module 5 in Week 10, at which point you will submit the final MA for the course, including all assigned parts.

Collect and organize the previously assigned Parts of the Learning Outcomes Project into one document:

Part 2: Effective Selection and Planning for Assessment

  • Assigned in: Module 2 Week 4, Assignment 1

Part 3: Developmentally Appropriate Assessment Practices

  • Assigned in: Module 1, Discussion 1, Initial Discussion Post, Module 2 Week 3, Initial Discussion Post, Module 3 Week 5, Initial Discussion Post

Part 4: Assessments for Readiness Skills, Emerging Content Knowledge, and Intervention

  • Assigned in: Module 3 Week 6, Assignment 2