Authority Analysis Essay

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Authority Analysis Essay

Why do the words, language, and arguments of politicians matter? Develop an argument for how current political rhetoric uses its authority to create a sense of fear, or hate, or control, etc.


This essay is about authority analysis. This argument should critically analyze and evaluate how authority in American society, specifically through the use of language, is having an unjust effect on individuals, specific groups, or sectors of society. Use a variety of direct quotes and paraphrasing from at least two of the readings so far which is Martin Luther King Jr.′s ″Letter From Birmingham Jail″ (page 252 – World of Ideas Textbook), Neil Postman′s ″The Word Weavers/The World Makers″ (page 282 – World of Ideas Textbook) and Frederick Douglass′s book Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, and American Slave (Textbook – World of Ideas, page 743) Can you cite these readings as MLA citation too.

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