Being a Good Leader Essay

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Being a Good Leader Essay

Reflection which refers to the activity in which people evoke their experience, think about it, and evaluate it is an important aspect in improving the employee outcomes. (Jordi 2010, p2).  A research by Francesca Gino indicates that reflecting on the work plays a great role in improving employees’ performance in the long run. The goals were partially achieved as the nature of work proved difficult to allow all the employees to take a break and reflect on their work at the same time, hence had to do it in turns. It is important to realize that for the employees to be effective in their work, they need to have some time outside of the job place.

In this context, the intended audiences were the managers and the employees of the company who should be attentive so as to capture the message of the speaker.  A composed speaker is vital to ensure they grab the attention of the audience by being creative in their presentation. The audience also requires a speaker who will convince them to support the ideas they are presenting by ensuring that the benefits of the ideas outdo the setbacks (KAPLAN et al, 2013, p85). My assumptions were accurate because, by being creative, the audience was able to concur with my ideas.


The motivation and credibility as a speaker helped me by being well-organized and dynamic.  The message had well-researched content and considered the audience needs and time factors. However, the style of presentation needs to be improved by considering the occasion and what is appropriate to the audience (COLLINS, 2012, p90). The introduction of the message also needs to be improved as it failed to introduce the purpose and the agenda of the presentation. Generally, reflection plays a key role in improving employee outcomes as they are able to sit back and realize their credibility and correct themselves where necessary as they embrace new ways of development. Being a Good Leader Essay


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