BHP Billiton Sustainability Policy

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BHP Billiton Sustainability Policy

CSE1SPX Assessment 2


  • Understand and explain current sustainability theoretical frameworks
  • Identify the key requirements of a sustainability framework
  • Understand how the framework helps address the environmental, social and financial aspects of sustainability within a business

This is an individual assignment. Students are not permitted to work in a group when writing this assignment.


This assessment requires you to research BHP Billiton ‘s sustainability policy and identify the framework used from the list below:

  • GRI (Global Reporting Initiative)
  • TBL (Triple bottom line)
  • Natural Step

Research and discuss which framework BHP Billiton uses. Discuss the positive and negative points of using such framework by BHP Billiton. How does it help Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of BHP Billiton? What is the policy development challenges of BHP Billiton using such framework? If BHP Billiton uses other sustainability frameworks, what would be the possible positive and negative points.



Ensure you (discuss):

1. Provide a clear Introduction where you state your point of view.

2. Use the Body of the essay to identify and apply relevant management theories and address your point of view.

  • Be sure to address all aspects of the criteria within your essay. You must sequence the flow of ideas/arguments to present a coherent and justified opinion.
  • Research sustainability framework of the example company. Ensure you define the key parts of the framework.
  • Why would a company use this framework and how does it help policy development of the company?
  • Use the list of sustainability frameworks provided and discuss if the example company uses other sustainability frameworks, what would be the advantages and disadvantages of using such framework (include theoretical justification of the arguments you make).
  • Use at least 5 academic sources to justify the arguments included within the essay (you are encouraged to use as many as possible).

3. Provide a clear Conclusion restating your key arguments and point of view. BHP Billiton Sustainability Policy

4. Full ‘in-text’ referencing citing at least five academic sources and a Reference list using
the Harvard referencing style.

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