BSD119 Global Business: Country Analysis

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BSD119 Global Business: Country Analysis

BSD119 Global Business:                   Assessment Item Two                          Task Guidelines

The company, Whole Kids, is considering which two countries (Malaysia and the Philippines) would be a suitable country for exporting its products, for when they have recovered from the COVID-19 virus.

  • Examine the economic, political and business environments of the two countries.
  • Analyse the results of your investigation of the environments.
  • And assess the suitability of either country as a suitable market for its exports.
Length 1500 words ±10%
Weighting: 30%
Due date:  X/X/20XX submitted before 11:59pm through Turnitin.

Note:  Make sure you upload well before this time in case you have technical difficulties.

Remember QUT’s Late Assessment policy:  a late assignment WILL NOT BE MARKED and will receive 0%, unless you have received an approved extension. If you have applied for an extension but have not received a decision, upload the work you have done to that point, before the deadline.

CRA Sheet:
  • Available on Blackboard – please read all criteria thoroughly!
  • Note the importance on academic communication conventions
  • accurate QUT APA citing and referencing
  • accurate language use
Requirements: Your task should include:

  • A cover page (see Blackboard)
  • A table of contents
  • Introduction (including Company information) (~100 words)
  • Environmental Examination and Analysis – with headings and sub-headings – for each of the environments (Economic, Political, Business) (~1350 words)
  • Recommendation (50-100 words)
  • References (8+ for introduction and data, 5+ for support for analytical points)
Task Details:

Overall task










Assume that you are an international business consultant appointed by Whole Kids to provide this Report.

You will analyse the market potential for selling Whole Kids’ products in Malaysia or the Philippines.  Note that the focus here is on which, if any, country is a suitable one for export.  You do not need to address how Whole Kids will set up stores in the country or employ staff. Think of this as an initial examination of where best to go. Your report, therefore, will not include anything about FDI or labour supply.

DO NOT CONSIDER THAT WHOLE KIDS WILL EXPORT NOW, WHILE THE COVID-19 VIRUS IS STILL OCCURRING.  It is looking ahead for which country to export to, after recovery from the virus.

Your task is to write a report that examines and compares the economic, political and business environments of Malaysia and the Philippines.

Your report will conclude with a country recommendation and justification for your selection.

Your introduction needs to state clearly the purpose of the report.

It also needs to provide a brief company and product profile.  (See information provided about this for Assessment Item One.)

Task Details:  Examination of the environments








note:  the examination & analysis need to be done by environment






Analysis of the environments

Examination of the environments:  focus here is on collection and presentation of the data


  • you need to assess the economic situation of each country
  • partly by considering what analysts are concluding about the economies
  • partly by examining key economic variables here that will indicate the economic performance and stability of the economies of the two countries
  • (and presenting the data, from the EIU, in graphs)
  • + analysis of your findings (see below)


  • you need to include key variables that will indicate how well the countries are governed, i.e. governance as well as any factors indicating, and rankings, re political risk
  • this can include a table of governance rankings (from the World Bank)
  • + analysis of your findings (see below)


  • here you need to consider more practical aspects of doing business in the countries,
  • any tariffs or non-tariff barriers
  • socio-demographic factors indicating market potential,
  • standards of infrastructure, or any other factors you have identified that could influence a decision.
  • (you may want to include a graph, or chart, or table here)
  • + analysis of your findings (see below)

NOTE that you do not need a graph or table for every sub-heading or every variable

  • you need to decide about which data would be best represented by a figure. BSD119 Global Business: Country Analysis

This part, for each environment, will require you to present the data and where necessary explain what they mean, e.g. rankings.

Analysis: focus here is on analysing the factors already reported on for that environment, in terms of suitability of one country over the other taking all the variables examined into consideration

  • provide explanations of, and support for, the significance of your findings; (you do NOT need definitions of the variables) for each environment
  • draw conclusions from this about the advantages and disadvantages of each country for each environment;
Conclusion and recommendation Having analysed the data and reached conclusions about the individual environments, you now need to make an overall conclusion

  • summarise your conclusions for each environment
  • make and explain your overall conclusion
  • state your recommendation
Further support for the examination of the environments Lectures:

  • country analysis – Lecture 6
  • economic and political environments – Lectures 2 and 4


  • Tutorial Two (Week Three): work on the economic variables for Assessment Item One.
  • Tutorial Six (Week Seven):  work on sites crucial for your research of the data.


  • requirements for presentation of data in Workshop 6.
  • requirements for structure and language in Workshop 8.
Sources Textbook:  see Lectures Two and Four slides


  • see suggested sources in Lecture 6
  • check newspapers for current political issues in the countries

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