Business 101 – Information Interview

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Business 101 – Information Interview

Between now and December 10th do an informational interview with someone that owns a business similar to the one that you want to start.  Use the Interview format that is attached and EMAIL TO ME as a Word.doc attachment BEFORE Dec 10th 11:59 PM.  There will be no exceptions on late submissions.

Up to 50 pts possible.  You will NOT be graded as a percentage (out of 50 pts.), 5 pts is 5 pts and 50 pts is 50 pts.  Please email me if you have any questions about this.

How you earn ALL the points it should be a minimum of 2 pages single-spaced and include:
1.  It is a full write up.  Include all the questions that you ask and their responses.  I recommend that you use your cell phone to record the conversation so that you can go back and make sure you didn’t miss anything in your notes.
2.  Well written, check your spelling and grammar, use complete sentences, and use as much business language as appropriate (the Writing Center can help you with this).
3.  Make reference to the business concepts we are learning (if you aren’t sure that I will make a clear connection, put the Chapter and Learning Objective, LO, in parenthesis).
4.  Provide analysis.  How has what you learned from the interview changed how you view your business idea?  Do you think you could do the business better?  Why or why not?  What other thoughts do you have? Business 101 – Information Interview


Click here to download some ideas for questions.  You do NOT need to ask all of them!

Business Competitor Informational Interview.docx

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