Business Models-Abena Nova

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Business Models-Abena Nova Company

Companies have been able to compete with other firms because they have adopted the use of business models. This has led to the growth of their businesses, change of the products they manufacture and also new market segments. A business model is therefore described as the plans that the company adopts in its daily operations in order to achieve the set goals and objectives. By using business models, business activities are broken down into something smaller and tangible (Baden-Fuller & Morgan, 2010). A business model contains: value proposition, market segmentation, business strategy and the position of a business. A business model is described both in economic level and operational level (Osterwalder &Pigneur, 2010). A business model consists four important elements which are combined together to create and deliver value. They include; value proposition, key resources, processes, and profit formula. Every organization has its own business model which can be either documented or not which displays the view of the business. Business disruption is the adoption of new markets and value network whereby an existing market and value network is disrupted and displaced. According to research, the disruption is mostly done by outsiders and the entrepreneurs and not the existing market companies. For any organization to succeed, it should adopt those models which will make them adjust to any situations in future. This assignment explains the threats and opportunities of Abena nova company, the findings, the elements its business model adopts and the significance of the model to its business and the future of the business (Aspara et al.,  2013). It will also include a video description that will give a summary of this assignment. ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

Abena is a company which produces and sells healthcare smart connected products, plastic bags, disposable paper products, disposable tableware, candles, napkins, baby diapers and waste systems. It was founded in 1953 with subsidiaries in about 18 countries and supplies more than 25000 products while operating in 86 countries globally. Abena nova is the first best diapers which are expected to be launched this year in collaboration with Danish company and Silicon Valley-based Medisens Wireless….Read More

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