Case Study One Worksheet

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Case Study One Worksheet

APA Ethical Principles: Case Study One Worksheet

Respond to the following questions in 1,250

  1. Why is this an ethical dilemma? Which APA Ethical Principles help frame the nature of the dilemma?
  2. How might Dr. Romaro’s ambivalence toward the death penalty influence his decision to offer a forensic diagnosis of intellectual disability? How might John’s “confession” or his comment about the “boy waiting for the bus” influence the decision? To what extent should these factors play a role in Dr. Romaro’s report?
  3. How are APA Ethical Standards 2.0f, 3.06, 4.04, 4.05, 5.01, 9.01a and 9.06 relevant to this case? Which other standards might apply
  4. What steps should Dr. Romaro take to ethically implement his decision and monitor its effect?


Executive Summary

In this dilemma, the ethical issues evident include the fight for integrity/ honesty and the principle of justice. The other ethical dilemma include confidentiality of client data. The principle of integrity requires that a therapist maintains utmost honesty when deadling with the patient. In this case, Dr. Romaro finds himself in an ethical dilemma since John, the patient, has admitted to have been committing crimes. The need to maintain utmost confidentiality and secure patient information against 3rd parties is contravened in this case, as the psychologist falls in a dilemma whether to secure patient’s confidentiality or act as a lawful and morally right person on….Show More Content….

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