Case Study- Therapy Relationships

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Case Study- Therapy Relationships

Unit Title: Therapeutic Relationships: Understanding Behaviour

Assessment – Outcome 2

Case Study

Throughout this essay I will focus on 49 year old Lucy how suffers from poor mental health, drug and alcohol dependency.

Lucy was born in the south side of Glasgow, the youngest of 6 children, Lucy’s father was a bus driver while Lucy’s mother was unemployed she stayed home to care for the children. Lucy’s father was abusive to the family and both parents often drank and smoke leaving the family to live on a limited amount of money for basic need.

Lucy’s had no formal qualification, and struggled to find employment and often drink and abuse drugs. Lucy spent some time in prison for various offences including shop lifting, assault and breach of peace. Lucy has maintained stability since moving into a supported accommodation and at times stay sober for a short period before relapsing again and being without money. Case Study- Therapy Relationships

Lucy was in a long term abusive relationship where she suffered emotional and physical abuse, and was diagnosed as having a personality disorder.

Lucy has been living in the supported accommodation for 2 years now and has gained some stability and struggles with other aspects of her life. Lucy lacks basic skills such as housekeeping, managing money which often leaves her in debt or without sufficient food or heating, Lucy is not fit for employment and she has turned down a community project set up to make moving back into her own tenancy in the community a smooth transition.

Lucy has little contact with her family especially her sister in law and none of her three children wants anything to do with her, Lucy is supported by the local mental health team, a care manager and addiction teams for her alcohol and drugs dependency.


Assessment task

You should write an essay in which you:

Review and summarise two psychological theories and apply one to the health and behaviour of an individual in care (please use the case study provided above)

The two theories preferred are that of Erickson and Sigmund Freud

Your answer should demonstrate how knowledge of psychology could inform your practice.

  • Essay should be a maximum of 1400 words (+/- 10%) including case study
  • Add at least 3 direct quotes to support your essay
  • Essay should be accurately reference according to the Harvard referencing system
  • You should submit your essay via Turnitin
  • Due date 22/10/18


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