CCJ440 Cybercrime Policy Paper

CCJ440 Cybercrime Policy Paper


In the policy paper assignment, you will advise the US government about the given issue listed in the Course Schedule (i.e., ransomware, misinformation & disinformation campaign by foreign governments, hacking, cyber espionage, cyberterrorism, cyber stalking, public-private cooperation, etc.).

The paper length is around 1800-2000 words- not including the title page and reference page. In answering the question, you may use class materials, your own discussion posts and responses, as well as other resources. Policy paper should be double-spaced and must have a title cover page and a research bibliography on a separate page. The paper should include at least five scholarly citations (peer-reviewed articles). You must follow APA formatting and citation guidelines.

Evaluation Elements: Weight
Topic Submitted 1
Paper Submitted On-Time 5
Elements & Content of the Paper  
1. Title page 2
2. Introduction 7
3. Goals & Objectives are clearly articulated and concrete 15
4. Background data and research: Incorporated concepts and employed empirical research findings from research-based sources including readings, videos, discussions, scholarly sources, available data/figures from previous research, government, non-government, international organization’s reports, etc.) 20
5. The Recommended Policy are clearly articulated and concrete; includes implementation strategy, Measures and Actions Needed to Help Accomplish Goals and Objectives (legislation, funding, programs, grant projects, if applicable, Timetable for task and activities, etc.) 20
6. Citations and References (APA; at least 5 scholarly sources) 10
7. Paper Format- The paper length is around 1500-2000 words- not including the title page and reference page) 5
8. Creativity and insight, demonstration of factual knowledge; demonstration of scientific problem-solving skills 5
9. Clarity of paper, proper sentence construction, grammar, punctuation and spelling

(i.e., subtitles, etc.)



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