Change Management in Project Stakeholders

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Change Management in Project Stakeholders

Change Management in Projects and Project Stakeholders

Project Management Change

Projects due to research and as the discussion states are characterized by three elements of uniqueness, dynamic and temporal hence, the aspect of change in them is real and fundamental. It is due to these features that make projects not to have a specific model of management that keeps on changing from one project to the next. In the change process of the projects, approaches of transformations are employed to the individuals, teams and even the company as a whole in order to create a new image of the company (Levin, 2012). The changes are usually regarded to be individual focus so as to create a meaningful transformation that is uniform.  In initiating the changes in the projects, project management models are employed which have the ability to tackle the issues differently.


As seen in the discussion summary table that borrowed the knowledge of Wysocki (2014), various models are used which help in simplifying and explaining issues in a certain project hence such issues are clearly seen. The models ‘whether linear or incremental are regarded to be ancient management ones that are based on detailed planning as the discussion showed hence the piece is truthful and well researched in addition  to the classwork. As seen in this discussion and the studies made, it is true that the mentioned models such as extreme PLMC, Adaptive PMLC, Iterative PMLC and Linear PMLC can be initiated to the projects in which everything is known at the initiating stage and changes seldom to occur, just as elaborated in the discussion. It is therefore an evidence that this work is truthful and need to be used for learning purposes about initiating change management in the projects (Anca, 2013).

Project Stakeholders

According to the studies ,and also evidenced I the discussion ,project stakeholders entail people that are involved in the….Continue Reading….

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