Child Development Paper

Child Development Paper


For this semester’s term paper, you will write a paper regarding child development.  You may choose the topic of your paper using a subject from any chapter covered in the text, or even a topic involving development that is rare, but is of interest to you.  Sample topics are; Prenatal Development, Early Physical Development, Early Cognitive Development, Early Social Development, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, Temperaments, Parenting Styles, Adolescent Issues (such as imaginary audience or personal fable), etc.

The paper is to be a minimum of six pages (including a cover sheet and a works cited page), and must include a minimum of three scholarly sources (5 – 7 sources are recommended). They may be from books, journal articles, credible websites, etc.  The OCC Library has excellent resources that can be accessed on campus or by using the library website.

Remember, it is a psychology paper, so it’s best to use psychology resources.  You can find info online by accessing

The paper will consist of three sections:

  • Introduction – What topic did you choose and why did pick it.
  • Body – What is the information your sources provided you about the topic (what type of research has been done, did results of studies confirm already existing hypotheses, or were results surprising).
  • Conclusion – based on any previous experience you may have, or observations you have made, do you totally agree with the information provided by your sources, do you partially agree, or do you disagree.  No matter which of the aforementioned options you choose, you need to add why (you agree, disagree, or partially agree).

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