CJ3311 Ethics in CJ: Assignment 2

CJ3311 Ethics in CJ: Assignment 2


Research a court trial where there was an issue of ethical misconduct during the trial proceeding either on behalf one of the attorneys involved or the judge. This could be a judge that was accused of an ethical violation, misconduct by the prosecutor or defense attorney, etc. Outline the allegations and explain the issues in terms of the ethics associated with them. How did this effect the trial outcome if any. FULLY discuss the implications and the outcome of the situation if it is resolved. Make sure you choose an offense that has had enough reports and enough research information to produce a quality paper. If you have difficulty finding your subject case contact me through BLACKBOARD messages and I will assist you.

This research project will help students identify the ethical misconduct in the criminal justice system in a broader scope than just one small incident within one profession.

This research paper has a minimum acceptable requirement of 6 pages. That is not including the cover sheet or the reference page. It must be 6 FULL CONTENT pages according to the instructions on written papers described in the Syllabus. Remember, six pages is minimum and would be an average paper. (Average is “C”).

When you have completed your Assignment 2 you may submit it online under the TURNITIN ASSIGNMENT 2 tab. Produce it as a WORD document and attach it to the TURNITIN Assignment 2 section of BLACKBOARD.

This is an important point value for your semester grade so make sure you put enough time in this to assure you produce a quality paper. Remember, more is better!