Clinical Leadership Management

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Clinical Leadership Management in Nursing and Specialisations

Assessment 3 – Written Assignment of 2500 words (50%). ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

In this assignment you are required to introduce a conflict situation that occurred within your workplace and provide a critical review of the situation including the following:

  • Explain the event that led or resulted in the conflict situation;
  • Introduce the reader to your position in the institution/ward/workplace (i.e. RN, Associate Charge Nurse, Charge Nurse)
  • Describe measures you applied to seek immediate resolution; (you need evidence/article to support this)
  • Discuss the leadership style employed in the management approach/es that you took to resolve the conflict (you need evidence/article to support this)
  • Discuss the outcome/s for the patient (s) and/or staff
  • Discuss the change/s that took place as a result to eliminate the probability for a similar event to arise, discuss the key recommendations for improving the outcomes and/or preventing a similar situation from occurring again.

Assessment criteria

  • Select a minimum of 7 literature/refereed articles that provide the strongest evidence for your topic. Your articles must be ≤ 7 years old.
  • USE APA FORMAT. APA website
  • Information cited from unreliable websites, pamphlets or magazines is not acceptable for this paper.
  • The assignment will be marked according to the rubric/marking guide below.


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