Cloud Security and Economics Essay

Cloud Security and Economics Essay

Task 1:

  • Cloud datacenter against in-house IT infrastructure costs

For an organization to decide between a cloud datacenter and an in-house infrastructure, there are a number of things to be considered. The first factor to consider is the uptime you need in your organization (Bayrak, et al., 2011). For example, if a company’s systems are required to be online on a 24/7 hours basis, then uptime should be the priority. This company would instead go for cloud datacenter rather than in-house IT infrastructure. Ensuring that an in-house IT infrastructure will be online throughout will need the company to incur other costs such as power backup and IT personnel.

The second consideration to make while deciding on the type of infrastructure to choose will be the data sensitivity. If the company uses a cloud-based server, it will have to understand that there is a third party involved. This third-party can access the data at any given time. This action is a breach of Security. Mostly, companies with very sensitive data will go for the in-house built server; this will enable them to have control of who is accessing data and when. The other risk which is eliminated by in house IT infrastructure is the internet security challenge (Meinardi, 2017). The in-house servers do not need the internet to connect. This significantly reduces cyber internet threats.

Cloud servers seem to be the most reliable choice, but just like in-house, cloud servers have both pros and cons. The cloud servers eliminate the cost of buying the servers and the expensive power backup machinery. It also reduces the number of personnel who are taking care of the server. The cloud server operating cost is cheap (Xu, et al., 2020). This is because it applies to pay as you use the formula. The clients only pay for the services which they have used. The services include processing speed and storage, among others, such as security….End of Preview….

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