CNL 530 Human Sexuality Assignment

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CNL 530 Human Sexuality Assignment

Write a paper of 1000 words analyzing different social and cultural views of human sexuality

Select any two historical perspectives on human sexuality listed below. (Examples of each in parenthesis to have better understanding)
Legalism: Ethical behavior is derived from an external source, such as a religion. (The Old Testament contains prohibitions against adultery, incest, sexual activity with people of one’s own gender, and bestiality.Situational)
Ethics: Ethical decision making should be guided by the situation and by genuine love for others. (A woman who has been taught that abortion is the taking of a human life may find herself with limited resources and decide in favor of an abortion)
Relativism: There is no objective way of justifying one set of moral values over another. (Cohabitation is tolerated in some cultures but considered immoral in others).
Hedonism:  Pursuit of pleasure is the guide. (Hedonists might argue that, like hunger or thirst, sexual desires do not involve moral considerations).
Asceticism: One denies sexual desires to devote oneself to spiritual pursuits. (Many ascetics in Western and Eastern religions seek to transcend physical and worldly desires).
Utilitarianism: Moral conduct brings about the greatest good for the greatest number.(We should be honest simply because it serves the greater good for people to be true to their word and treat each other justly)
Rationalism: Sexual decisions should be based on intellect and reason, not blind obedience.(The rationalist might decide that the personal consequences of continuing an unhappy marriage outweigh the effects on the family or the community at large.)

Select one contemporary cultural perspective on human sexuality listed in the text (e.g., sexual revolution, gay activism, sex research).

In your paper, be sure to address the following:

  1. Cultural attitudes toward male and female sexuality for each selected perspective.
  2. Roles of men and women for each selected perspective.


Include at least four scholarly references in your paper.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

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