Communication Theories Task

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Communication Theories Task

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Unless there is a relationship between actions and words, the message being passed in a communication event may be interpreted wrongly. I observed a communication event that occurred between a waiter and a customer in a busy crowded bar. The customer was very drunk and wanted the waiter to sell for him more beer. Since the customer was so drunk, the waiter refused to issue more beer until the customer paid first. The customer was very annoyed and could be heard shouting at the waiter. As a result, a series of communication theories followed; these will be analyzed later in the essay. PREVIEW: ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

In the context of this communication event, I will define and examine three communication theories that I have researched and considered them applicable to the situation. These communication theories will be body language, verbal and non-verbal cues, and noise (physical and psychological). The essay will clearly point out how these three communication models have been utilized appropriately in the actual conversation.

First and foremost, the understanding of what communication involves is required. Communication is the process of passing information from the sender to the receiver. Communication is only complete when the receiver of information responds to the message passed by the sender (Hargie, 2016). In this scenario, the communication is complete since the waiter responds to the customer both verbally and non-verbally that he is unwilling to sell beer for him until he first makes the payment. When people talk to each other, they use both verbal and non-verbal cues to pass information. Non-verbal communication involves communication using signs. Verbal communication involves the use of words to communicate.

The communication event between the waiter and the customer took place in a bar. Whether the customer was new or frequent or not is unknown. However, verbal and non-verbal communication theory was evidenced by the communication. When the waiter refused to give the customer bear, the customer at first clicked and his frustrations…Continue Reading

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