Conflict Concept in an Organization

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Conflict Concept in an Organization


Conflict is the phenomenon that arises when a party perceives that another part is about to or already as assailed, the latter is interest. Conflict also arises when the opinions, values, or principles of one party are in contrast it another’s (Dalton, 2013).


Depending on the approach, an individual or group chooses to take to resolve conflict, it can be perceived as either positive or negative, in this case in an organization. Conflicts were a cause of unease in traditional settings   and avoidance therefore was recommended. However, in recent times conflict is gaining a different light where the human resource and interactionist views as well as the functional forms of conflicts are concerned. For these views, conflict is an inevitable concept if not necessary in an organization if it is to grow and have the interests of the employees in mind (Dave, 2012). The organization is seen as an indifferent to the needs of change otherwise and this causes discomfiture for the employee.

However, in the dysfunctional view of conflict, a more destructive form of conflict assumed, causes hindrance rather than progress. Conflict occurs in various levels in an organization were the interests of the individuals are impinged upon. The levels vary from high, moderate to low. The low and moderate are essential for the organization to achieve progress which high levels of conflict may cause disruption in an organization (Dave, 2012).

Conflict in an organization may also occur in the macro or micro levels of the organization. In the micro level an intra-individual form of conflict occurs. The individual feels that their personal goals and principles are in conflict and this may cause conflict within the self. The macro level takes an interpersonal form were conflict is within different personalities in a group or groups (Dave, 2012).


Conflict, however necessary, should be resolved because the long-term effects are detrimental. The resolution of conflict therefore should be open minded in order to accommodate for both conflicting parties. Four ways of resolving conflicting tend to arise in this respect: compromise, accommodation, competition, collaboration, and avoidance. In all these techniques, the parties should be ready to compromise their standing in order to resolve the conflict peacefully. “Agree with thine adversary quickly, whiles thou art in the way with him; lest at any time the adversary deliver thee to the judge, and the judge deliver thee to the officer, and thou be cast into prison” (King James Bible, Matthew 5:25). The bible also states that the resolution of conflict is imperative for the individual to have peace of mind. This is collaborated by the fact that conflict is cause of unease for both parties involved (Jamali, 2010). A Student Sample: Click here to ORDER NOW


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Response 2 (Team efficacy)

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