Criminal Justice Exam Paper

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Criminal Justice Exam Paper

Introduction to Criminology and Criminal Justice

Students must answer ALL questions.

1. The Rational Actor Model (30 marks in total for this section):

a.   1. Define situational crime prevention (5 marks)

  1. Explain the crime prevention triangle, defining the importance of the points: offenders, location, victim, and the concept of the capable guardian (10 marks)
  2. With examples, explain how situational crime prevention strategies are a response to try and reduce crime based on the idea that offenders are rational actors. (15 marks)


2. The Pre-destined (or Pre-determined) Actor Model (35 marks in total for this section):

  1. Explain how attachment theory explains later criminal behaviour in children. (10 marks)
  2. 1. Define what rehabilitative punishments are, to illustrate your answer give an example of at least one form of psychological or psycho-biological (medical) rehabilitation punishment. (10 marks)
  3. Explain how rehabilitative punishments are based on a view that offenders are ‘pre-determined’. (15 marks). Criminal Justice Exam Paper

3. The Victimised Actor Model (30 marks in total for this section):

  1. Define Capitalism (5 marks)
  2. Define Patriarchy (5 marks)
  3. Define what is meant by the criminalisation process (5 marks)
  4. Explain what Becker meant when he described that powerful social groups have the ability to criminalise less socially powerful groups. Explain with reference to EITHER wealth and class OR gender. (15 marks)


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