Critical Self-assessment Essay

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Critical Self-assessment Essay

  • The coursework 2 essay title is;

○ “A critical self-assessment of my personal and experiential engagement with positive psychological practices”. (prefer use mindfulness)


Sources of personal and experiential material

  • The sources of personal/experiential material for this essay are;
  1. Your favoured practices (chosen at the start)
  2. Experiences from seminars
  3. Life experience more generally

Essay requirements

  • For essay itself you should;

○ Critically reflect upon your chosen experiential resources.

○ Integrate a discussion of the experiences with a sound reading of relevant positive psychological academic literature

Aspects of a good essay

  • Your essay shows realistic engagement with your favoured practices, seminars, and life experience. i.e. practical engagement
  • Your essay shows a solid understanding of academic positive psychology.
  • Your essay integrates your discussion of self with the academic literature (i.e. it is not just two essays – one half on you and a separate half on academic issues). Critical Self-assessment Essay

Aspects of a bad essay

  • Little real engagement with experience/seminars shown.
  • Little academic understanding shown.
  • Essay is poorly written.
  • Academic/Experiential Integration is Poor.


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