Cross Cultural Business Issues

Cross Cultural Business Issues


You are an executive assistant for a manager of a cosmetics company based in the USA.  The company is considering expanding its operations and opening a branch in China and you have been asked to write a report looking at cultural working differences between the USA and China.

Referring to Hofstede’s dimensions and their effect on working practices, write a report about potential problems that could arise between staff from the two countries working together.

Suggested source:

Hofstede, G.; Hofstede, G.J. & Minkov, M. 2010. Cultures and Organisations. New York: McGraw Hill


  • Report style (sections, headings – introduction, findings, analysis, etc.)
  • Wordcount: 1300
  • Font: Arial 12 pts.
  • The in-text References and the Bibliography must be in Harvard’s citation style.

Weighting: 60%


The following learning outcomes will be assessed:

  • Ability to select and present relevant findings in a concise written style according to word count
  • Ability to analyse and interpretate evidence (eg. evaluating consequences, implications)
  • Referencing following Harvard conventions (reference list and in text quotation or paraphrasing)