CSR Codes in Global Supply

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CSR Codes in Global Supply Networks

Length: Approximately 1500-2000 words.

 Topic: CSR codes in global supply networks

How effective are CSR measures such as voluntary supply chain labour standards codes and certification schemes in improving the lives of workers in developing countries? In addressing that question, you should consider the practical and political obstacles to formulating, implementing and enforcing effective CSR measures, and arguments for and against the view that such codes, even if successfully implemented and enforced, would be of marginal benefit or would do more harm than good.

You are not required or expected to use materials other than assigned course readings, and you are expected to make use of all readings that are relevant to the points you are making. The readings assigned for winter weeks 2-7 will be most directly applicable. Skillfully incorporating concepts from other units of the course (such as those relevant to the fall term assignment, and on normative CSR debates) is a plus, but avoid padding the paper with undigested or weakly integrated material. Your paper should be coherent and well organized at the over all, paragraph and sentence levels. For grading criteria see the attached rubric. Please use a standard scholarly citation style such as APA.

Submission Instructions

The assignment should be submitted in hard copy to your tutorial leader at the March 28 lecture (if you have not already submitted it in tutorial). The file uploaded to Turnitin should be saved as a Word document, as we have found that Turnitin can’t open some other formats.

The format of the hard copy should be as follows. There should be a title page with only the title, your name and tutorial number. Your name should not appear elsewhere in the paper (i.e., not at the beginning, and no running head).

Note: It is your responsibility to ensure that the version of the paper you submit and upload is your intended final version. Please double check before submitting. Turnitin will allow you to re-submit up to the deadline. You are therefore advised to upload before the deadline and look at the originality report. After the deadline, the system will only allow you to upload only if you have not already done so, and only once, and that submission will be flagged as late.

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