Cultural Self-awareness Essay

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Cultural Self-awareness Essay (1200 Words)

Question: Write an essay to critically reflect on how and why cultural self-awareness is important to develop cultural intelligence?


Critical reflection essay of cultural self-awareness and its importance in developing cultural intelligence has become diverse and increasingly global. In a world where multicultural diversity of manpower is the boiling point in a space, it is crucial to comprehend cultural self-awareness in order to develop a cultural intelligence for excellent communication and better organizational standards (Clark, 2011). The awareness of diversity in the international context is significant today than it was in the past because of many factors some of which include diversification, globalization, growth, organizational culture and other processes. The subject about why self-awareness has become to developing cultural intelligence has been necessitated by increasing changes in today’s work situations. The essay will critically reflect on how and why cultural self-awareness is important to developing cultural intelligence in the context of business.


In this diverse world, all people that we meet possess their own culture different from our own. Self-cultural awareness provides people with strong foundations through which communication that entail understanding one’s beliefs, perceptions and values is enhanced (Hampton, 2010). For example, during my internship period at Woolworths, an Australian based Retail Company; I had a chance to interact with colleagues of different cultural backgrounds. We all have different first languages something which made me learn many new languages. However, the management established a uniform communication language in which we all conformed to. I observed that my colleagues shown a great sense of direction by adjusting to the set organizational culture that different from their own cultures. In this context, cultural awareness helped in making people understand each other’s cultures and behavior something which showed a great deal of cultural intelligence.

Self-cultural awareness has increasingly become important in building cultural intelligence in a work setting. Cultural intelligence in itself is a….Show More Content….

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