Data on Royal Adelaide Hospital 

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Data on Royal Adelaide Hospital 

Task: Discussion of data on Royal Adelaide Hospital
You will need to interrogate this data set how were the data collected; how valid/ representative are they; how meaningful are they?
Rationality use of data.


Royal Adelaide Hospital:

The Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) of 800 beds is the flagship hospital of the state. It offers a full range of the most multifaceted medical care to approximately 85,000 inpatients and 400,000 outpatients every year. Organizationally, the hospital covers the corresponding of three wedges and is located on a pristine site comprising nearly four hectares of landscaped gardens and interior green spaces, including more than 70 courtyards, terraces and heavenly gardens. (

Designed and built as needs of patients:

Sensitive and physical needs of patients, their loved ones and their caregivers are at the heart of the RAH, which creates it, from formation to arrangement.

Close attention to ordinary light and the surroundings, combined with 100% single patient rooms at night, and creates the best therapeutic environment possible, with greater privacy, security and infection control.

Clinical technology:

The RAH is one of Australia’s most advanced health facilities, incorporating the latest inventions in health, training and analysis to provide high value care. State of the abilities attract health specialists and attract some of the best capability from around the world.

The RAH is one of the largest automatic pharmacy dispensing systems in the country, placing South Australia at the front position of automatic medicine technology. The system comprises 80 automatic distributing filing cabinet in patients’ wings to enable precise and opportune dispensing of medication. Telehealth services allow workforce to access coworkers and patients from out-of-the-way and regions in the state and beyond, while digital scanners enables live clinical pictures of operational theaters and intervention rooms for analytic and training purposes.



The RAH project presents substantial difficulties and risks, with structure being accomplished, capability challenging is finished and transition planning is progressing towards the new goals for future. All these activities are under the control of SA Health and governance. Commissions  set up to follow the project. The subsequent clarification provides a story of some of the key challenges that necessitate constant consideration from organisation:

  • review the influence, as well as risk assessments, of the 76-days extension of the main contractual completion dates and postponement of the foundational of the hospital.
  • develop comprehensive operating design and develop service distribution plans to complete a business, including influential and integrating the impact of Transforming
  • address recognized hazards related to the implementation of innovativeness computer systems, in particular the functionality of meetings, the application of targets, the achievement of budgetary objectives
  • improve emergency systems and arrangements
  • endorsement of the clarity of communication and resolution, designations of authority and responsibilities, and adequate oversight financial plan. (: P. McMahon, 2015)


P. McMahon, G. P. (2015). New Royal Adelaide Hospital . adelaide: P. McMahon,. (n.d.).



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