Dementia Essay (1500 Words)

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Dementia Essay (1500 Words)

Dementia is wide denomination which explain about a group of symptoms that leads to brain damage. Dementia build’s up over time and slowly minimises a person’s capabilities example thinking power, memory strength and activities of daily living.

Dementia has been classified into two categories reversible and irreversible. The reversible dementia is for temporary basis and it only mimic the symptoms of dementia. For example, delirium or any side effects of drugs. The irreversible category is a permanent damage to brain cells for example Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia and Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome. Dementia Essay (1500 Words)


The appropriate treatment and nursing intervention may vary according to client’s ability. As reality orientation is a form of rehabilitation which may be used to orient client by maintaining the level of their awareness of time place and person. Clients should be called by their names every time when they are approached, when ever interacting with client stating their name is very significant. Client should be familiarising with safe and a pleasant environment. For example, orienting a client with normal day and night cycle like opening blinds during day time while closing them at night, encouraging to wear dress during day time rather than wearing night wear. The client belongings should be kept in the same place as the rearrangements of the objects might cause confusion or disorientation. If the client is having hearing and visual defect should wear spectacles or hearing aids to minimise sensory confusion. In order to minimise confusion distinctive colours or pictures in the designed environment should be provided such as using pictures on bathroom or toilets so con fused person can identify these areas easily. Staff should orient the client by displaying in formation on daily biases such as changing the dates and day ion the calendar along with mentioning the important events by writing them on board in large bold letters. More over, client should be provided with non challenging environment featuring calm, relaxed and….Show More Content….


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