Dissertation Chapter Three: Methodology

Dissertation Chapter Three: Methodology

Write a Dissertation Chapter Three: Methodology Section as directed below.


In week 1, you selected a topic and developed a research question for that topic. Then, you developed a data gathering instrument to measure the question either quantitatively or qualitatively. Now that you have had the opportunity to read how scholarly methodologies are written, you will write a condensed 3-page methodology section on Enhancing Cyber Security in Healthcare -With the Help Of Machine Learning topic. Provide at least 4 peer reviewed journal references.


  1. Review your notes from class on the different methodologies and instruments used to measure. Also, review the example given in this document after directions.
  2. Develop a 3-page (more is fine) methodology section that includes the following:
    • Introduction
    • Research Paradigm (qualitative or quantitative) Notes: Choose Qualitative or Quantitative based on what methodology you plan to use for your actual dissertation. You may not choose to do both qualitative and quantitative (mixed methods)
    • Research- or project Design
    • Sampling Procedures and
    • Data Collection Sources
    • Statistical Tests Summary (quantitative) OR Data Organization Plan (Qualitative). Notes: If you chose a quantitative research paradigm, you must choose a quantitative statistical test summary option in this section. If you chose a qualitative research paradigm, you must choose the qualitative organization plan option in this section.
  3. Do not inflate introduction section to cut from other sections

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