Dissertation Presentation Proposal

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Dissertation Presentation Proposal

In sum, you are investigating how social media will influence customer commitment

To help you with the presentation:

Develop a working title


  • What is the setting/context for your topic?
  • Description of topic i.e. what is your topic about?
  • Background to choice of topic
  • Reasons & purpose for choosing topic
  • What are the aims and objectives?

Preliminary Literature Review

  • What are the key concepts and theories that provide some background for your research?



  • Where and how are you going to go about the research?
  • Primary research – for example, a survey or interviews
  • You should demonstrate to the reader that you have thought thoroughly about the problems and methods in advance i.e. your chosen method will match the objectives. Dissertation Presentation Proposal

Terms of reference

  • The purpose, aims and objectives of the research project
  • The research method used and justification of chosen method
  • What do you hope to find out? Draw conclusions and recommendations.

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