Strategic Information System for Business

Strategic Information System for Business

Description of Case Company

General Information

Dunkin Donuts, a U.S. based company, was founded in 1960 and operates in the food and beverage coffeehouse industry. The company operates as a chain of restaurants and serves consumers globally. On February 12, 2019, Dunkin disclosed that hackers were able to access their customers’ information via credential stuffing attack (Tara, 2019). As a form of cyber-attack, credential stuffing happens when hackers/ attackers combine usernames and passwords leaked from other sites to attempt to get into other different websites’ accounts. ZDNet revealed that this attack marked the 2nd time in a quarterly in which hackers were able to access Dunkin Donuts customer details via credential stuffing (Prymnts, 2019). In November 2018, the company informed customers about a similar attack, which later occurred in January 2019.

Key Business Processes of the Company

Dunkin Donuts, as a franchise restaurant, thrives under the Baskin-Robbins and Dunkin’ brands. The company runs over 20,900 distribution points in over 60 countries globally, making its portfolio run a strong brand awareness in its key target markets. Dunkin’s core competence is its ability and capability to promote the brand successfully through advert campaigns, its logo, promotions, and commercials (Alarice, 2019). Dunkin’s distinctive competence is its ability to develop and expand its food and beverage operations globally.

Dunkin has developed a highly efficient operating model, adequately aligned with its business model, which upon creativity and innovation, has raised its ability to execute a low-cost, consistent quality, service business model and process within the Quick Service Restaurant market (Solutions Inc, 2020). The company’s brand is highly efficient in steering the alignment of business and operating model given its consistency when it comes to focusing on high-quality site selection, low cost, product standardization, menu innovation, brand management, and franchisee-owned location network.

Cyber Security Issue Covered in the Case