Early Childhood Educators Quiz

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Early Childhood Educators Quiz

Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Educators need to be selective and critical of the quality of resources used for children’s language and literacy development. For this assignment, you will conceptualise/produce/design an educational resource that can be used to enhance children’s language and literacy learning (for three to five years of age). For example, an object, story, poem, song, picture-book, non-fiction book, puppet, felt board, poster, board game, dance, yoga-session, etc.

You may want to develop this educational resource for a child or a group of children that you have observed previously, basing it on their interests and learning dispositions.

Discuss and critically reflect (on):

  • how physical and aesthetic characteristics of your resource make it a suitable educational artefact
  • its educational potential that would make it a valuable language and literacy artefact

Suggest how you might use this resource with:

  • an individual child
  • a small group and
  • a larger group (more than 7 children) – if the resource is not suitable for a larger group explain why


You should reference the scholarly literature to support both your choice and use of the resource. Early Childhood Educators Quiz

Please include (if relevant) images/links/video/text of your resource at the beginning of your paper.

Marking criteria

  • Design, description and educational and imaginative potential of the resource demonstrate how the resource is a valuable educational artefact; scholarly references support this part (15 %)
  • Suggestions to use this resource/experience demonstrate an understanding of language and literacy development and suitable early childhood pedagogy; scholarly references support this part (15 %)
  • Clarity and quality of written expression and the use of APA referencing style (10 %)

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