EDU30011: Discovering Science Essay

EDU30011: Discovering Science Essay

Assignment overview

This assignment requires you to construct an essay in response to two statements. You are moreover required to formulate an argument. This assignment supports unit learning outcomes 1 and 2. You are required to construct an argument to respond to the following statements:

  1. Science education is important due to its relevance to students’ lives and the universally applicable problem-solving and critical thinking skills it uses and develops. — (University of Texas at Arlington, 2017)
  2. Science aims to ensure that students develop an interest in science as a means of expanding their curiosity and willingness to explore, ask questions about and speculate on the changing world in which they live. — (The Australian Curriculum, 2019)

Consider these two quotes—we live in a world where science is embedded in all aspects of our lives. As teachers, we have an opportunity to empower students through science education. This is critical, as it encourages them to embrace and participate in the world around them.


The purpose of this assignment is to write a 1500 word essay that explores the role of the generalist primary teacher or science and/or STEM specialist in a primary school. These roles nurture student interest in science, prepare students to be scientifically literate, and influence study and career choices.

Respond to the given quotes, using relevant examples from the rationale and aims of the Australian Curriculum Science strand. You can find more information about these in your learning materials in Week 1 and Week 2.

This is an individual assignment. You should use a variety of relevant existing literature to support your argument—literature should range across scholarly sources, such as peer reviewed academic journals and books. You must use APA style referencing in-text and include a reference list (which, is not included in the word count and must start on a separate page) with your final submission.

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