EDUC 642 Observation Protocols

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EDUC 642 Observation Protocols Instructions

It is important for aspiring administrators to understand that different school districts have different expectations in regard to both the frequency of observations and the areas that are observed and evaluated. By finding samples of protocols from various states and districts, you will begin to realize that policy and practice (instead of the principal) sometimes dictate how observations/evaluations are conducted.

For this assignment, locate 10 observation protocols utilizing research and the Internet. These protocols are sometimes called observation checklists, observation forms, or evaluation forms. The 10 selected protocols must represent a variety of states ,levels (elementary/middle/high), and subject areas and must include both public and private schools (note: one of the 10 must be the protocol (form) that will be used in your observation cycle assignment during Module/Week 8). No more than one protocol may be used from the same website, school, and/or district.

Create an electronic portfolio of these observational protocols and include directions for the utilization of the tool. This portfolio must be organized as 1 document with the last page (entitled “References”) containing a list of URL links that are used in the project. The document must include the details of all of the different protocols you found. Make this a practical assignment that can be utilized when observing and conferencing with teachers.

The easiest way to think about this assignment is to consider it similar to an annotated bibliography. For the body of the paper, you will put the URL hyperlink to the website (Please make sure your link works) where the observation instrument is located and then follow with your summary of that particular instrument.

Your summary should include information such as:

  • How often teachers are observed
  • The domains of the form by which teachers are measured
  • The usage of the form
  • The rating scale used
  • Other information that might be pertinent to the form


Please ensure that the URL you provide goes to the actual observation form to be used and not to a manual of instructions. If you must list the URL for a manual, please provide specific directions as to the location of the observation form in the manual. It is important that your instructor can see the form you are describing. If you have to click on other links on the website, please be specific as to how to locate the form. (Please see the Sample included in the Course Content.) EDUC 642 Observation Protocols

For the Reference page, you will list the websites you used in current APA format.

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