EG 5220: Assessment 4

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EG 5220: Assessment 4


Records of downtime for 8 major machinery in an Industrial Facility for a duration exceeding 2 years is made available.  A block diagram of the process is also being provided.

Tasks with Assessment criteria)

  1. Generate the trend of downtime for each equipment on monthly / quarterly basis for the entire duration. (20%)
  2. Generate PARETO chart for downtime events and durations considering the entire duration (20%)
  3. Rank the equipment in order of criticality from exposure to the downtime events and durations. Justify your basis for the ranking (20%)
  4. For the most critical equipment identified, among the time usage codes “Electrical Breakdown”, “Mechanical Breakdown” and “Operational Breakdown”, analyse causes of downtime from the fields “Reason” and “Comments”. Justify the findings. (30%)
  5. Professional report presentation including justification of arguments with supporting evidence (10%)



CSM – Cathode Stripping Machine (ECSM – East & WCSM – West on flowsheet)
ASWM – Anode Scrap Washing Machine (Scrap Anode Washing Machine on flowsheet). EG 5220: Assessment 4
APM – Anode Preparation Machine (Casting House end)
APS – Anode Preparation Spacing Machine (Tank house end of APM, Anodes Spacing Machine on flowsheet)
HLW1 & HLW2 – High Lift Wagons 1 & 2 operate in the APM machine storage area, 9 & 10 on flow sheet



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