Employee Performance Essay- NAB

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Employee Performance Essay- NAB

Task: Impact of motivation on employee performances; a case study in National Australia Bank


For the National Australia Bank to run smoothly, the employees must cooperate among themselves and maintain good contacts with top management. Motivation is one of the most important things that make the employees of the organization to provide services that are excellent within that organization. Motivation is the combination of motive and action factors which must operate within the organization for it to succeed. Motivation is a strong feeling or reason to do or accomplish something in a better way. These factors in motivation include: emotional support, encouragement, recognition and support. This essay explains the impact of motivation of employees’ performances in the National Bank of Australia. Employee Performance Essay- NAB


High quality banking services

National Bank of Australia has always been motivating the employees by training them in a way that increases the work and services of the Bank. These training are done to the employees in a friendly way making them to enjoy the training and they are enjoying the training they get what they are taught….Show More Content….

Bank promotion

When the employees of the national bank of Australia have been motivated, they have led to promotion of that National Bank of Australia. The bank has been rewarding the employees that do the best in their jobs and motivating those who are not doing well to improve their work (Skudiene and Auruskeviciene, 2012, p. 60). The rewarding of these….Read More….

Employee retention

Due to small motivation of the employees like rewards, provision for transport and good salaries make the employees not think of leaving the job. This is because the job is like what he or she was looking for and they are sure they cannot get any better job. National Bank of Australia offer good salaries that make…Read More….

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