English Composition Lifestyle Choices Essay

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English Composition Lifestyle Choices Essay

Instructions Overview:

In this assignment, you will develop an outline for a potential essay identifying at least two of your personal or lifestyle choices and explaining the positive and/or negative effects they have had on the environment. You will need to support your opinion with effective examples showing the impact of your individual actions on the environment (close to home and/or on a larger scale). Make sure you AVOID logical fallacies, meaning that your connections between causes and effects are carefully considered and sufficiently proven.



Open up a new Word Document

Type a formal Header, Heading, and include a unique, centered Title

Your outline should show:

  • How your introduction would grab the reader’s attention and contain a complete thesis statement.

The body paragraphs (2-3) should outline:

  • A personal choice
  • Evidence that supports why the personal choice has an impacts
  • State only what you can prove in order to avoid logical fallacies
  • The effects of this choice
  • Describe the impact on the immediate surroundings or the larger community
  • The points that show why this information matters to your reader
  • A conclusion that offers some memorable final thoughts on the connection between your personal choices and the thesis statement

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