English Curriculum and Pedagogy

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English Curriculum and Pedagogy

Assignment 1 resources

Designing your multimodal resource

There are no strict requirements on how you approach the production of your multimodal resource, other than it must relate to a literary text that is suitable for use in a Year 5 or 6 English classroom, and that it must combine persuasive and expository elements.

You are welcome to use any available software, app, or website to design your resource. There are many free online video creation and animation sites, as well as free web hosting, blog sites, wikis and so on. The important thing is to focus on the pedagogical intent of the resource and how you would use it to engage students in preparing to work with the literary text you have chosen.

Once the multimodal text is complete, you will need to ensure that it is accessible via hyperlink. It is a good idea to ask someone else to try and access the link before you submit your assignment. The marker will need to be able to view your resource via a working hyperlink.


Writing your rationale 
The purpose of your written rationale is to clearly explain both what you did in the creation of your and justify why you did it that way. You will need to draw on evidence from the research literature to support your claims about pedagogical strategies, particularly in catering to the diverse learning needs of students.

Each paragraph needs to contain a topic sentence, which makes the claim/statement. This is followed by one or two sentences that provide evidence for the claim – in this case, from both the multimodal resource and the research literature. The paragraph then concludes with a sentence that links the claim being made back to the central argument of your rationale and also to the next point (cohesive ties).


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