Essay 1- Gender and Sexuality

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Essay 1- Advertising Analysis on Gender and Sexuality

In an essay of 3-4 double-spaced pages, using correct MLA formatting, you will perform an analysis of a print ad, explaining what the ad demonstrates about gender and sexuality and our culture’s ideas about sex and gender. You will use at least one other critical text/film that we have discussed in the course to help you perform this analysis. This essay should demonstrate a thorough and sophisticated grasp of your chosen source, and you should use this source to help you analyze the ad in an insightful way. Click here to ORDER NOW


  • You may use any print ad of your choosing, but please attach a copy to the essay so I can see what you’re analyzing.
  • Use key terms and direct quotations from your selected critical reading to aid your analysis.
  • When appropriate, you should also employ terms from our class discussion (i.e. docile bodies, symbolic annihilation, etc.)
  • You are not to use any out of class sources for this essay.
  • Because we are following MLA format, you will need to include a Works Cited page.

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