Essay 2 – Current News Event

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Essay 2 – Current News Event

TOPIC:  You must write about a topic that is related to a current news event or a trending topic on social media (Twitter, Facebook). You have a range of topics to choose from: pop culture, activism, recent rescue and relief efforts, sports, etc. BE CREATIVE

RESEARCH REQUIREMENTS:  Essay 2 is a research paper that looks into current relevant topics. You will still be required to conduct research using credible and reliable sources from a popular source and scholarly works. You’ll need at least one scholarly source. You MAY also use social media to reflect others’ views on your topic. Essay 2 – Current News Event. Use MLA internal documentation and a MLA Works Cited page in the 8th edition format.

  • Hard copy of the essay turned in on time.
  • Essay submitted to Canvas by the end of the due date (28 Feb 2019)
  • Multiple body paragraphs with good unity
  • Use multiple non-fiction credible research sources, including scholarly and popular sources
  • Use multiple quotes
  • Conclusion paragraph includes thesis, using different vocabulary
  • Last sentence of conclusion paragraph is final strong thoughts (not the thesis)
  • Use MLA 8th edition internal documentation
  • Have a Works Cited page in MLA 8th edition style
  • One inch margins on left and right, Double spaced, Times New Roman font, size 12, typed
  • Essay length is 750 words (Does not include Works Cited)


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