Essay on Tourism and Hospitality

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Essay on Tourism and Hospitality


In many societies, developments can only be achieved when the rulers are ethically prioritizing the needs of the society. Revenue needs to be collected by specific institutions and siphoned in the planned projects governed by transparency and accountability (Daley, 2009, p.16). Based on the  video “Vanuatu’s Broken Dreams” it is evidenced that movie is full of irrational people such as Cruises who own ships to facilitate tourism in the Wala region but at the end of the day he steals almost everything leaving the society with nothing to benefit from the entire exercise (Asian  Development Bank, 2011,p.2). In this case, the movie utilizes Cruises who owns Ships that the Islanders depend on them to prosper. Indeed the ships help in faring the tourists to the region implying that the region should be making thousands of income from this. In the video, one can clearly see the way people of Wala were dissatisfied with how these revenues were collected since they remain poor of which it should not have been the case. Unethical injustices being done by revenue collectors in the video are clearly portrayed, the main perpetrator is the ships’ owner (Mitchell & Ashley, 2010, p.10). The paper gives an analysis of the prime ethical issue as presented in the video. Essay on Tourism and Hospitality


To begin with, it is clear that the issue of corruption is clearly demonstrated in the video. The audiences are able to see how much is collected from the tourists yet few people enjoy the benefits while the majority of the people in the land of Wala remain poor. The movie is a representation of many third world countries that….Show More Content….

In dealing with corruption the main issue that is dominantly evidenced in the video, there is the need for the government to create a huge transparency and great openness which is approached in collecting the revenues obtained from tourists. The government should then account for the revenue collected in country in a correct way and everything should be clearly stated. This is in order to finish the corruption which is evidenced mostly in accounting for the revenues.

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