ETH 321 Week 1 Apply Assignment

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ETH 321 Week 1 Apply Assignment

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1. A law which promotes the opportunity for foreign workers to obtain employment, housing, and medical care regardless of their citizenship status would likely fall under which school of jurisprudential thought?Which school of jurisprudential thought is most clearly exhibited in this scenario?

Irrational Forces


2. Which legal school of thought is illustrated in this dialogue?


Part 8

(Just then Calvin, the fit CEO, comes jogging into the room with a water bottle in hand. He spots the donuts and shows his disgust.) Calvin: Why do people inflict such nasty, sugar-coated poison on all of us?! A healthy workplace is a happy workplace. (He takes both boxes of donuts, puts them in a small, dirty, battered trash can and steps on them to squash them down, making them suddenly inedible. He smiles at everyone as if they all agree that he has done them a great service.) That’s my job as CEO, to help everyone realize a long and happy life! Cheers! (He runs from the room as everyone looks on in stunned silence. After a couple of seconds Bob collapses on the floor next to the garbage can, looking at the destroyed donuts as if they were a long-lost love.)

End Part 8 

3. Which of the following situations would not substantiate proper standing to sue?

4. Adelyn is in a financial dispute with her creditor. She wants to declare bankruptcy because she is finding herself unable to meet the requirements of paying off her debt. Which court that would most likely address this situation?

5. After a tragic event in which an armed intruder storms into a mall and fatally shoots several people, the city of Belmonte institutes a law that prohibits any form of weapon in public retail establishments. This reaction would be an example of following which school of jurisprudential thought?

6. Federico is in a financial dispute. He is trying to collect money for services rendered, but the debtor does not want to pay the money owed to Federico. Which court that would most likely address this situation?

7. Claudia feels strongly against a law that was recently passed in her hometown. She proceeds to write letters to the local newspaper criticizing the effect of the law. She also marches up and down the sidewalk in front of city hall loudly publicizing her contradictory point of view. Which law or principle of law which is most relevant to this situation?

8. A new law is established in the town of Avery that promotes affirmative action employment for people trans-gender and homosexual individuals. This law would be in pursuance of the tenets of the __________ school of jurisprudential thought.
9. Annie is an observer to a legal dispute between two of the tenants in a building she manages. She has documented information relevant to the case but prefers not to get involved in the dispute. Which of the following is true?

10. Which legal school of thought is illustrated in this dialogue?


Part 4

Lee: Right. Inflexible rules, applied the same way every time and in every situation, are just a sign of corporate insanity. This is a company that knows how to adapt and make smart decisions based on the circumstances at hand. Remember when we found out that Allied Chemical hair gel accelerated hair growth at twice the industry standard . . . just before the hair would fall out? Remember what happened to Winfred after he tested out the stuff for us? Remember how happy Allied Chemical was with us when we figured how to market their goop anyway? Dogmatic rules are made to be broken by the enlightened and that’s what we are now. We are officially “the enlightened” of the break room.

End Part 4 

11. Which jurisprudential school of thought relies the most upon precedent in establishing law?

12. Which legal school of thought is illustrated in this dialogue?


Part 2

Bob: Listen, donuts are made to bring joy into our lives and to wake up our glazed faculties. Just let them be distributed according to unchanging moral principles of justice. The donuts will distribute themselves according to natural principles.  We just take what we want and the leftovers will be appreciated by those who enjoy them most. Don’t over complicate this. Where’s the chocolate milk?

End Part 2

Which of the following situations would most likely receive a change of venue?

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