Ethical Issues and Law Assignment

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Ethical Issues and Law Assignment

Identify the underlying ethical issue that led to the law.  You will need to use common sense and logic for this portion.  Be sure that you explain how you came to your conclusion rather than just listing the ethical situation on its own

Once the ethical situation has been stated, you will need to describe both sides of the debate.  Give examples and use resources (APA citation) you find to support your descriptions of both sides of the debate.


Give a clear statement on whether or not you feel your law / policy effectively address the situation you pointed out.  You can argue this position from either side of the ethical scenario.  Therefore, as in the length of grass example mentioned above, you may side with the homeowner that doesn’t take care of their yard.  If that is the case, defend your stance

Briefly describe ways you think that the policy could be adjusted to be more effective (think of how to make it more fair for both sides of the ethical dilemma if that is possible). Ethical Issues and Law Assignment

As for the mechanics, you are to use APA inline citation and an APA Works Cited page.  Your paper should be no more than three pages in length (not including a title page and Works Cited page).  If you can meet all of the criteria in a shorter paper, that is fine, but do not go over the maximum paper length.


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